About Touke


Since 1993, our company has gradually developed stable and high-quality products with superior market competitiveness through continuous vertical integration in the jack & switch field.


Product core competitiveness: From R&D, material purchasing to finished-product supply, all manufacturing process (including R&D, plating (outsourced), mold and fixture processing, metal stamping, plastic injection, and assembly) are completed in the factory.


Our main clients are mostly listed and OTC companies. Through long-term cooperation, the product quality has received high recognition, and the supply of the merchandise is stable.


Over the past 20 years, our products have been affirmed and recognized by clients in terms of the order placement, production, shipment, and quality.

1995 Established the jack & switch production plant with an accumulated investment of $12 million USD.

1997 Obtained ISO-9001 Accreditation.

2003 October Obtained ISO-14001 Environmental Accreditation.

2003 December Certified as a SONY Green Partner.

2005 April Obtained CQC Quality Management System (QMS) Certification.

Main Clients

Our main clients are mostly listed and OTC companies, such as Wistron, Foxconn, Delta Networks, ARRIS, Flex, Unihan, Pegatron, D-Link, MitraStar, ZYXEL, GemTek, Alpha Networks, Luxshare Precision, Sangean, Askey, Quanta, and CyberTAN. The product quality has been affirmed, and the supply of the goods is stable.

Operation Revenue

With the vigorous development in the electronic industry and the active development in our company, our recent operating revenue has reached 190.5% by 2007.

Promotion of New Products

The electronics industry is a high-tech industry that is striving to grow in Taiwan, outside Hsinchu Science Park, the industry has expanded to Tainan Science Park, and it will continue to grow with the prospect of future demands on electronic components. Other than our main jack & switch products, we have successively introduced the high-added-value grade of OEM and ODM products. Through close cooperation in the past, we can expand our market reach and facilitate a smoother implementation of new products. 

Annual Revenue


Customer Satisfaction

Quality is the life of an enterprise, 

while service is the power to attract customers.

Future Development

1. Actively open up the Taiwanese market in Southeast Asia and China, increase the sales of main products to ensure the performance of main profitable products.

2. Master the change of market demand, improve the ability of sales forecast, and achieve the sales target.

3. Develop electronic raw materials and related products to facilitate the company's overall business and market development.

4. Invest in the outstanding components suppliers and undertake the design and development of new products to consolidate the source of goods and reduce the cost.

5. Meet the needs of clients to develop more precise and micro components: taking the market trend of "lightness, thinness, shortness, and minimization" as the goal in sales and design, such as Mini USB, film switch, etc to expand our product coverage.

Factory Profile

Production of a variety of jack, switch, and socket products.

Investment of $10 million USD.

The factory covers an area of 27300 m2 (293,855 ft2).

Established in June 1987.

Productivity is currently at 80%.

We own over 7000 m2 (7535 ft2) of production plants, with a 3-story factory building that was established in 2000 and four 3-storey production buildings and dormitory for management staff. There are 350 employees, of which 60% live in the dormitories provided by the company.

Introduced automated production in 2013 to stabilize the power source and lower the cost. Manufacture jack, switch, and socket products with a total of 20 production lines.

Some of the components are assembled by automated production for improved quality.


Quality Management Policy

Motivate the employee to share opinions and ideas.

Regularly inform employees of new information.

Let employee report the operation process to understand work guidance and direction.

Provide reasonable wages.

AQL system: Management staff: 0.015; Non-management staff: 0.25

Obtained ISO-9001 Accreditation in November 1997.

Obtained Asus Green Management System Certification in July 2003.

Obtained ISO14001:2004 Accreditation in October 2003.

Obtained CQC Quality Management System Certification (QMS) in April 2005.

Regular discussion of the supply system operation.




Development and Design

Understanding the client’s needs quickly.

The engineering team designs and develops new products according to the policies.

The Brain Trust team considers the market demands and trends to upgrade our R&D technology and decides if we should invest in new equipment and machines.

Complete thorough quality tests for newly developed samples.

Our developers have more than 10 years of experience and the ability to develop and design independently.

A professional team is set up to develop new products and conduct the certification test and invest a large amount of R&D fund (more than 50 million RMB) and human resources in market research, product design, mold design, equipment production, testing methodology, and equipment certification testing.